Here is the list of my first author publications on major international astronomical journals. For the complete list of all my publications follow this link to ADS.

Invited reviews

*Ramos Almeida, C., & Ricci, C.,
Nuclear obscuration in Active Galactic Nuclei,
Nature Astronomy invited review, accepted for publication, will be published in September 2017.
*authors listed in alphabetical order.

Peer-reviewed articles

95 articles, 15 as first author (14 published/1 in press) and 80 as co-author (70 published/10 submitted).

Ricci, C., Ho, L. C., Fabian, A. C., Trakhtenbrot, B., Koss, M. J., Ueda, Y., Lohfink, A., Shimizu, T., Bauer, F. E., Mushotzky, R., Schawinski, K., Paltani, S., Lamperti, I., Treister, E., Oh, K
BAT AGN Spectroscopic Survey - XII. The relation between coronal properties of Active Galactic Nuclei and the Eddington ratio,
2018, MNRAS in press

Ricci, C., Trakhtenbrot, B., Koss, M. J., Ueda, Y., Schawinski, K., Oh, K., Lamperti, I., Mushotzky, R., Treister, E., Ho, L. C., Weigel, A., Bauer F. E., Paltani, S., Fabian, A. C., Xie, Y., Gehrels, N.,
The close environments of accreting massive black holes are shaped by radiative feedback,
2017d, Nature. 549, 488

Ricci, C., Trakhtenbrot, B., Koss, M. J., Ueda, Y., Del Vecchio, I., Treister, E., Schawinski, K., Paltani, S., Oh, K., Lamperti, I., Berney, S., Gandhi, P., Ichikawa, K., Bauer, F. E., Ho, L. C., Asmus, D., Beckmann, V., Soldi, S., Balokovic, M., Gehrels, N., Markwardt, C. B.
BAT AGN Spectroscopic Survey – V. The 70-months X-ray catalogue,
2017c ApJS 233, 17.

Ricci, C., Bauer, F. E., Treister, E., Schawinski, K., Privon, G. C., Blecha, L., Arevalo, P., Armus, L., Harrison, F., Ho, L. C., Iwasawa, K., Sanders, D. B., Stern, D.,
Growing supermassive black holes in the late stages of galaxy mergers are heavily obscured,
2017b MNRAS 468, 1273.
NASA press release

Ricci, C., Assef, R. J., Stern, D., Nikutta, R., Alexander, D. M., Asmus, D., Ballantyne, D. R., Bauer, F. E., Blain, A. W., Boggs, S., Boorman, P. G., Brandt, W. N., Brightman, M., Chen, C.-T. J., Christensen, F. E., Comastri, A., Craig, W. W., Daz-Santos, T., Eisenhardt, P. R., Farrah, D., Gandhi, P., Hailey, C. J., Harrison, F. A., Jun, H. D., Koss, M. J., LaMassa, S., Lansbury, G. B., Markwardt, C. B., Stalevski, M., Stanley, F., Treister, E., Tsai, C.-W., Walton, D. J., Wu, J. W., Zappacosta, L., Zhang, W. W.,
NuSTAR observations of WISE J1036+0449, a Galaxy at z∼ 1 obscured by hot dust,
2017a ApJ 835, 105.

Ricci, C., Bauer, F. E., Arevalo, P., Boggs, S., Brandt, W. N., Christensen, F. E., Craig, W. W., Gandhi,
P., Hailey, C. J., Harrison, F. A., Koss, M., Markwardt, C. B., Stern, D., Treister, E., Zhang, W. W.,
IC 751: a new changing-look AGN discovered by NuSTAR,
2016b ApJ 819, 4.

Ricci, C., Bauer, F. E., Treister, E., Romero-Canizales, C., Arevalo, P., Iwasawa, K., Privon, G. C.,
Sanders, D. B., Schawinski, K., Stern, D., Imanishi, M.,
NuSTAR unveils a low-luminosity heavily obscured AGN in the LIRG NGC 6286,
2016a ApJ 820, 5

Ricci, C., Ueda, Y., Koss, M., Trakhtenbrot B., Bauer, F. E., Gandhi, P.,
Compton-thick accretion in the local Universe,
2015 ApJ 815L, 13.

Ricci, C., Tazaki, F., Ueda, Y., Paltani, S., Boissay, R., Terashima, Y.,
Suzaku Observation of IRAS 00521-7054, a Peculiar Type-II AGN with a Very Broad Feature at 6 keV
2014c ApJ 795, 147

Ricci, C.; Ueda, Y.; Paltani, S.; Ichikawa, K.; Gandhi, P.; Awaki, H.,
Iron Kα emission in type-I and type-II active galactic nuclei,
2014b MNRAS 441, 3622

Ricci, C., Ueda, Y., Ichikawa, K.; Paltani, S., Boissay, R., Gandhi, P., Stalevski, M., Awaki, H.,
The narrow Fe Kα line and the molecular torus in active galactic nuclei: an IR/X-ray view,
2014a A&A 567, 142

Ricci, C., Paltani, S., Ueda, Y., Awaki, H.
On the role of the Gamma-Eddington ratio relation on the X-ray Baldwin effect,
2013b MNRAS 435, 1840

Ricci, C., Paltani, S., Awaki, H., Petrucci, P. O., Ueda, Y., Brightman, M.
Luminosity-dependent unification of Active Galactic Nuclei and the X-ray Baldwin effect,
2013a A&A 553, 29

Ricci C., Walter, R., Courvoisier T. J.-L. & Paltani, S.,
"Reflection in Seyfert Galaxies and the Unified Model of AGN",
2011 A&A 532, 102
ESA Press release

Ricci C., Beckmann, V., Audard, M. & Courvoisier T. J.-L.,
"Multi-zone warm and cold absorbers in 3 Seyfert galaxies",
2010 A&A 518, 47