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Postdoc and PhD positions

The Instituto de Estudios Astrofísicos at Universidad Diego Portales (UDP), in Chile, invites applications for two positions in extragalactic and high-energy astrophysics: 

i) a 1.5-year postdoctoral position, which could be extended to an additional three years depending on performances and fundings.

ii) a 4-year PhD position.

The successful applicants will work on observational studies of Active Galactic Nuclei in the High-Energy Research on Obscuration and Emission 
in Supermassive black holes (HEROES) team led by Prof. Claudio Ricci. The team is currently composed of five postdocs and four PhD students, and is studying nearby AGN across the whole multi-wavelength spectrum, from the radio to the X-rays (see here for more information).

Santiago hosts a large and vibrant scientific community working on AGN, with ~50 scientists distributed in four universities and three institutes. While at UDP, successful candidates will qualify as members of the Chilean community and will be eligible for the 10% privileged access to all telescopes in Chile, including ALMA, Gemini South, VLT, Magellan, CTIO, SOAR, La Silla, APEX, and ASTE, and access to large surveys like the Vera Rubin LSST, SDSS-V and CCAT/FYST. 

Postdoc position 
The candidate is expected to have experience in the study of AGN and to have a PhD by the submission date. The postdoc will work on projects related to the study of the inner parsecs of AGN, using a number of space and ground-based facilities.

Deadline: August 25, 2023

Starting date: preferentially by December 2023 
How do I apply?: Applications should be submitted by e-mail in pdf format to by August 20, 2023 to ensure full consideration. The applications should include a 1-page research statement (including current and previous research), and a CV (with a publication list). In addition, applicants should provide the names and contact information of three references willing to provide letters of recommendation on request.

PhD position
The candidate will work on a project that will focus on new high-resolution ALMA and GMVA observations of nearby AGN. The candidate is expected to spend time in China (KIAA + CAS in Beijing and SHAO in Shangai) and Japan (RIKEN), particularly during the first two years. See also​

Deadline: September 24, 2023
Starting date: March or August 2024
How do I apply?: The applicants should submit the following documents.
1. A motivation letter indicating the reasons for applying to the Ph.D. program at UDP, and in particular within the HEROES team. The letter should also mention research experience (if any), research interests, and career plans and goals (two pages maximum).
2. A curriculum Vitae (3 pages maximum).
3. A copy of undergraduate and/or graduate degrees or a letter from University official indicating expected graduation date.
4. A copy of undergraduate academic transcripts (graduate transcripts too, if available).
5. A minimum of two and a maximum of three letters of recommendation sent directly by the recommenders to by September 24 2023.

All application materials for the PhD position must be submitted by September 24 through this form:  

Letters of recommendation must be sent to by the recommenders by September 24.


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