• December 11 2020
    Several members of my group gave a talk at the Supermassive black holes: formation, evolution and growth online conference. Here you can find the Youtube videos of their talks:
    - Kriti Gupta
    - Jeffrey McKaig
    - Matthew Temple
    and here is my talk

  • November 29 2020
    Our proposal for a symposium during the next EAS meeting in Leiden (June/July 2021) has been accepted! "The many faces of black hole accretion" symposium will be held online on July 1-2. The idea of the symposium is to discuss the wealth of multi-wavelength data that has been collected over the past few years, and the prospects to advance our knowledge of AGN physics in the near future. We plan to discuss both observations and recent theoretical results during the meeting, with the goal of gathering the European AGN community, a year before JWST will begin to revolutionise our view of galaxy evolution, to discuss the state of our knowledge in nearby SMBHs, and to forge synergies among forthcoming facilities and JWST.

  • November 19 2020
    Kriti Gupta submitted her first first-author paper: BAT AGN Spectroscopic Survey XXVII: Scattered X-Ray Radiation in Obscured Active Galactic Nuclei

  • November 6 2020
    Taiki Kawamuro and Kriti Gupta gave a talk at the AGN Santiago group meeting

  • November 2 2020
    Matthew Temple joined our group as a postdoc. Matthew just finished his PhD at Cambridge University, and he will be working on several aspects of the AGN phenomenon, focussing on the relation between AGN outflows and galaxies. Matthew will start working remotely, we hope to welcome him soon in Santiago!


  • October 7 2020
    Taiki Kawamuro arrived Santiago to join our group as a Fondecyt postdoc. Taiki started his postdoc remotely in March from Japan, and he is working on combining submm and X-ray observations of AGN, in order to understand the influence accreting SMBHs have on their host galaxies.


  • July 16 2020
    The first paper on the X-ray campaign of 1ES1927+654 was published, together with a NASA press release.