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The many faces of black hole accretion

Thursday 01 July  

09:00                                Introduction  (Claudio Ricci & Violette Impellizzeri)
Session I (Chair: Benny Trakhtenbrot; Facilitator: Violette Impellizzeri)
09:00     --    09:20           Chris Done                        The structure of the inner accretion flow in AGN and how it changes with L/LEdd
09:20    --     09:40           Erin Kara                           An observational overview of the inner accretion flow in AGN
09:40    --    10:00            Adam Ingram                    Accretion properties of black hole X-ray binaries and comparison to AGN
10:00    --    10:20            Sara Elisa Motta                Observational properties of X-ray binaries: accretion and feedback around stellar-mass compact objects
10:20    --    10:30            Andrea    Marinucci           The lively accretion disk in NGC2992: detection and modeling of transient Iron K emission lines.

Session II (Chair: Mislav Balokovic; Facilitator: Violette Impellizzeri)
11:00    --    11:10            Riccardo Arcodia               eROSITA discoveries of Quasi-Periodic Eruptions
11:10    --    11:20            Michael Parker                   Building Models of AGN X-ray Variability
11:20    --    11:30            Enrico Piconcelli                Disclosing the role of nuclear winds in shaping the accretion disk-corona system properties in AGN
11:30    --    11:40            Dominic Walton                  AGN Spin in the NuSTAR Era
11:40     --   11:50            Tonima Tasnim Ananna      BAT AGN Spectroscopic Survey: Distribution Functions of X-ray Luminosity, Black Hole Mass and Eddington Ratios
11:50    --    12:10            David Williamson                Dynamical Simulations of AGN Circumnuclear Regions
12:10    --    12:30            Cristina Ramos Almeida     Multi-scale and multi-wavelength observations of the AGN torus and its surroundings

Session III (Chair: Violette Impellizzeri; Facilitator: Mislav Balokovic)
16:30     --   16:40            Daniel Anglés-Alcázar       The many scales of massive black hole accretion
16:40    --    16:50            Ari Laor                              What can we learn from the optical polarization in quasars?
16:50    --    17:00            Jinyi Shangguan                Resolving the Active Galactic Nuclei with VLTI/GRAVITY
17:00    --    17:10            Bozena Czerny                  The geometry of the Broad Line Region in AGN and its interaction with the accretion disk
17:10    --    17:20            Francoise Combes             High resolution maps of molecular tori with ALMA
17:20     --   17:30            Santiago Garcia-Burillo      The Galaxy Activity, Torus and Ouflows Survey (GATOS)
17:30    --    17:40            Violeta Gámez Rosas         NGC 1068 MATISSE imaging and thermal map of the dust close to the AGN
17:40    --    17:50            Raffaella Morganti              Impact of evolving radio jets on the molecular circumnuclear gas 
17:50    --    18:00            Taiki Kawamuro                  Circumnuclear Scale Gas around Nearby Active Galactic Nuclei  Studied with Chandra and ALMA CO(J=2-1)

Friday 2 July

Session IV (Chair: Claudia Cicone; Facilitator: David Rosario)
09:00     --   09:10            Ryan Hickox                       Heavily Obscured AGN: Torus or Host Galaxy?
09:10    --    09:30            Melanie Habouzit               Interplay between supermassive black holes and their host galaxies
09:30    --    09:50            Sylvain Veilleux                  AGN Feedback: From the Central Engine to the Host Galaxy and Beyond
09:50    --    10:00            Kastytis Zubovas               Unveiling the activity history of galaxies with the help of AGN-outflow correlations
10:00    --    10:10            Roberto Maiolino               The magnanimous side of AGN
10:10    --    10:20            Marcella Brusa                  The first archetypal Quasar in the feedback phase discovered by eROSITA 
10:20    --    10:30            Vivian U                             The Genesis of a Molecular Outflow

Session V (Chair: Susanne Aalto; Facilitator: David Rosario)
11:00    --    11:10            Giacomo Venturi                The effect of compact low-power AGN jets on the host galaxy ISM as seen by VLT/MUSE
11:10    --    11:20            Rebecca Davies                Probing the Impact of AGN-Driven Outflows on Nuclear, Galactic and Circumgalactic Scales at z~2
11:20    --    11:30            Maria Vittoria Zanchettin    High resolution study of the multiphase gas in Local Seyfert Galaxies with ALMA and MUSE@VLT
11:30    --    11:40            Isabel Montoya Arroyave   How do galaxy mergers and feedback processes affect the kinematics and excitation of molecular gas?    
11:40    --    11:50            Kohei Ichikawa                   Rapidly growing supermassive black holes in extremely radio-loud galaxies
11:50    --    12:10            Massimo Cappi                  The way Athena will change our view of nearby and distant AGN
12:10    --    12:30            Frédéric Marin                    The physics and environment of accreting black holes: prospects from X-ray polarimetry

Session VI (Chair: Mike Koss; Facilitator: Claudio Ricci)
16:30    --    16:50            Ric Davies                          An extremely sharp view of AGN with the Extremely Large Telescope    Invited talk
16:50    --    17:10            Nancy Levenson                Prospects for Resolving Nearby AGN with JWST    Invited talk
17:10    --    17:30            Jeff Wagg                           The SKA view of AGN    
17:30    --    18:00            Discussion session (Leads: Leonard Burtscher, Claudia Cicone, David Rosario)            



Sébastien Comerón            An detailed view of the medium around the SMBH in NGC 7130 with MUSE and adaptive optics    122
Guang Yang                        What drives the growth of black holes?    5
Ilaria Ruffa                           The AGN fuelling/feedback cycle in nearby low-excitation radio galaxies    2067
Johan Comparat                 The final SDSS-IV/SPIDERS X-ray point source spectroscopic catalogue    26
Johannes Buchner              Testing physically motivated obscurer models with NuSTAR    49
William  Matzko                   Ionized Outflows in Merging Galaxies as a Function of Merger Stage    1321
Filippo Maccagni                AGN feeding and feedback in Fornax A    1326
Keigo Fukumura                  Modeling Circumnuclear X-ray Obscuration by Disk-Winds in AGNs    473
Ko-yun Huang                     Characterizing the shock properties in the circumnuclear disk (CND) of NGC1068    1823
James Petley                       Connecting Winds to Radio: Constraining the Geometry of Quasars with Strong Outflows    1074
Victoria Fawcett                   An X-shooter insight into dust-reddened quasars    56
Xiaoyang Chen                    Co-spatial gas feeding of SMBHs and remnant SF regions in Swift/BAT selected "IR pure-AGNs”    1339
Xiaoyang Chen                    Discovery of a Faint AGN in a ULIRG with Kpc-scale Fast Wind    57
Priyanjali  Patel                    ACTIVE GALACTIC NUCLEI in the Zwicky Transient Facility (ZTF)     2130
Krisztina Gabanyi                Investigating radio emission from dust-obscured galaxies using the FIRST radio survey    356
Emily Moravec                     Investigating AGN Accretion States by Comparing Radio-AGN with Different Radio Morphologies to X-ray Binaries    87
Wuji Wang                            Spatially mapping the metal-enriched absorbing CGM of a massive galaxy at z~4.5    931
Turgay Caglar                      The BAT AGN Spectroscopic Survey:  the MBH - σ relation of 200 type 1 AGNs in the nearby universe    2365
Peggy Varniere                    On the road to apply QPO models made for X-ray binaries toward higher mass systems.    962
Aishwarya Girdhar               Quasar Feedback Survey – the impact of jets and multi-phase outflows on their host galaxies     913
Federica Ricci                      Peering into the hidden BLR: constraining the virial factor in obscured X-ray selected local AGN    202
Federica Ricci                      Molecular gas content of two obscured AGN at the peak of galaxy evolution    201
Izzy Garland                        Bar-driven fuelling as a means of merger-free supermassive black hole growth    241
Lorenzo Barquín-González  The Nature of intermediate type AGN    680
Abhijeet Borkar                    Search for a holistic interpretation of variable accretion    269
Begoña García-lorenzo        Stellar morpho-kinematic of AGN hosts at around the cosmic noon with ELT-HARMONI    649
Tathagata Saha                    Inferring AGN torus morphology using X-ray spectra: A reliability study    922
Marco Laurenti                     XMM-Newton reveals a large fraction of intrinsically X-ray weak AGN among high-Eddington quasars    295
Christopher Carroll               Extremely Obscured AGNs: CT Fraction and NH Estimates    2414
Michael Koss                        BASS DR2 Survey Data Release    2100
Michael Koss                        Molecular Gas in Nearby Hard X-ray Selected AGN Galaxies    2106
Georgios Paraschos             Where is the black hole of 3C84 located?    324
Denis Wittor                          Dissecting the turbulent weather driven by mechanical AGN feedback    344
Samuel Barnier                     Applying the Jet emitting Disk model to AGN and reproducing the UV/X and radio/X broadband correlations     611
Jakub Podgorny                   Polarisation of reflected X-ray emission from accretion discs in Active Galactic Nuclei    1190
Sara Cazzoli                         Exploring outflows in LINERs: MUSE and MEGARA dissect NGC1052    485
Matthew  Thorne                  Merger-Free BH growth and co-evolution    1507
Alberto Masini                      Obscured, or Unobscured? That is the question! Dissecting AGN spectra from the new Chandra Legacy survey in Bootes    671
Iván Ezequiel Lopez             Looking for constraints in SMBH accretion ratio distributions    486
Alessia Tortosa                     X-Ray light curves variability properties of the Sy1 BASS galaxies from XMM-Newton observations.     451
Alessia Tortosa                     Broad-Band X-ray study of the Hyper-Eddington AGN IRAS 04416+1215    452
Laura Hermosa Muñoz         Halpha imaging of LINERs with ALFOSC/NOT and HST: morphological signatures of outflows    693
Bruno Rodriguez Del Pino    Incidence and properties of ionized outflows in MaNGA DR2 galaxies    2073
Tek Prasad    Adhikari           The Multiphase medium in the centre of Centaurus A    538
Agata Różańska                   The density of an accretion disk atmosphere    656
Mislav Balokovic                   Resolving the AGN Torus Using Broadband X-ray and Radio Observations    2019
Suzan Dogan                        Disc Tearing Instability    603
Lingsong Ge                         Reconstructing AGN X-ray spectral parameter distributions with Bayesian methods    1448
Matthew Temple                    Constraining the demographics of SMBH accretion with ultraviolet emission lines: new insights from CLOUDY    2046
Matthew  Temple                   Linking quasar outflows with circumnuclear dust emission    1971
Giustina Vietri                        The SUPER survey: BLR vs NLR winds    2083
Giovanna Speranza              A Multi-Phase Outflow Characterization In The Obscured Quasar J0945+1737    759
Giovanna Speranza              Ionized outflow properties in a sample of 37 radio galaxies    2135
Isabella Lamperti                  Molecular outflows in ULIRGs with ALMA    1797
Dimitrios Irodotou                  The effects of AGN feedback on discs/bars/bulges in Auriga galaxies.    758
Peter Boorman                      Resolving X-ray Obscuration Biases with Isotropic AGN Selection - the NuLANDS Legacy Survey    1996
Dominika Wylezalek              Observational signatures of AGN feedback across cosmic time    807
Matas Tartėnas                      Improving black hole accretion treatment in numerical hydrodynamical simulations    905
Alessandra Zaino                  The circumnuclear environment of NGC 4388    1067
Folkert Nobels                       The connection between AGN, cold gas and gas in the circumgalactic medium    2159
Saikruba Krishnan                 Tools for searching periodic signals in AGN in the era of "Big Data"    1915
Thomas Dauser                     Relativistic Reflection: The Impact of Returning Radiation on Black Hole Spin Measurements    2267
Gabriele Matzeu                    Evidence and characterization of ultra-fast outflows in bright local AGN: The SUBWAYS sample    1151
Thomas Boller                       eROSITA discovery of extreme ultra-soft X-ray variability in the NLS1 1H 0707-495     939
Ignacio del Moral-castro       Have large‐scale identical active and non-active galaxies different host galaxy properties?    1478
James Matthews                   Emission lines, feedback and the disc-wind-jet connection in AGN: a combined observational and modelling perspective    972
Joanna Piotrowska                Observations and simulations agree: integrated AGN feedback governs quenching in massive central galaxies    1179
Alfredo Luminari                    Speed limits for radiation driven SMBH winds: implications for the origin of UFOs    976
Alessio Marino                       Tracking the evolution of the accretion flow in MAXI J1820+070 with the JED-SAD paradigm.    990
Sophie  Koudmani                 Black Hole Feedback in New Regimes: Modelling Dwarf Galaxies with Active Galactic Nuclei    1232
Ismael Garcia-bernete           Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in active galactic nuclei    1088
Gibwa Musoke                       MHD simulations of the candidate parsec-scale jet from Sgr A*    1847
Giulia Tozzi                             Connecting nuclear ultra-fast outflows and galaxy-scale winds in nearby and distant quasars    1237
Koushik Chatterjee                 Imaging plasmoids, warps and distortions in black hole jets using next-generation 3D GRMHD simulations    1203
Teng Liu                                  Characterizing the eFEDS X-ray point-source catalog with simulation and spectral analysis    1366
Nicolas Scepi                         Magnetic field advection and magnetic flux reversals in AGN    1267
Doosoo Yoon                          3D GRMHD Simulations with Radiative Cooling for Hot Accretion Flow Around Sgr A*    1472
Sibasish Laha                         Clumps of clouds obscuring AGN: An extensive X-ray spectral variability study of a sample of Compton-thin type-II galaxies    2214
Atsushi Tanimoto                    NuSTAR Observations of Compton-thick Active Galactic Nuclei Selected by the Swift/BAT All-sky Hard X-Ray Survey    1316
Tian Li                                     SINFONI observations of the Circinus galaxy    1594
Luis Peralta de Arriba             Resolving the ionized outflow in NGC2110 with MEGARA@GTC    1405
Elena Bertola                          The wind duty cycle of the Einstein Cross    2075
Leonard Burtscher                  LLAMA: Stellar populations in the nuclei of ultra-hard X-ray selected AGNs and matched inactive galaxies    1450
Alice Deconto Machado         Radio-Loud and High Accretors in the context of the quasar Main Sequence    1493
Mark Gorski                            Methanimine Megamasers Discovered Towards Compact Obscure Nuclei    1655
Anelise Audibert                     ALMA Observations of Trailing Nuclear Spirals as Black Hole Fuelling Mechanisms in Low Luminosity AGN    1660
Laura Martínez Ramírez          Panchromatic characterisation of AGN - From the radio to the X-rays    1585
Stephen Molyneux                  Using sub-mm observations to understand the role of molecular gas in quasar feedback and the impact of jets and outflows on the ISM    1811
Brivael Laloux                         Towards Modelling ghostly DLA quasars    1865
Irina Vavilova                           Multiwavelength properties and SMBH masses of the low redshift isolated AGNs     1629
Mary Loli Martinez Aldama     The potential use of the optical FeII and the NIR CaII II as a chemical clock    2306
Javiera Ahumada                    Searching for Intermediate Mass Black Holes in the Eridanus Cloud    2217
Chiara Circosta                       The impact of AGN activity on the gas properties of their host galaxies at cosmic noon    2305
Ryan Pfeifle                             BAT AGN Spectroscopic Survey-XXIII: A New Mid-Infrared Diagnostic for Absorption in Active Galactic Nuclei    2137
Violette Impellizzeri                 The Structure and Kinematics of the Water Megamaser Disk of NGC1068    1891
Michele Perna                         PUMA survey: a MUSE view of extreme gas kinematics in local ULIRGs     2090
Paulina Lira                             The population of local IMBHs as discovered by variability    2047
Rozenn  Boissay-Malaquin     Chandra/HETGS and NuSTAR observations of the quasar PDS 456 and its ultra-fast outflow components    2027
Luigi  Barchiesi                       X-ray analysis and optical-IR SED fitting of [Ne V]-selected type 2 AGN    2126
Michal Zajacek                       Black hole feedback in the Galactic center: transition of old stars into young ones via their interaction with the jet    2109
Leah Morabito                        The origin of radio emission in broad absorption line quasars    2152
Joy Oluchi Anih                      Infrared variability of Active Galactic Nuclei    2289
Karthik Balasubramanaiam    Chandra study of Restarted Radio Galaxies    2366
Tim Waters                             The critical radius at which ionized AGN winds become clumpy due to thermal instability    2379
Melissa Bierschenk                Mid-Infrared Line Diagnostics for Spitzer/BASS Active Galactic Nuclei    2381
Jiachen Jiang                         High Density Disc Reflection Spectroscopy    496
Jiachen Jiang                         The Awakening Beast in the Seyfert 1 Galaxy KUG 1141+371    497
Darshan Kakkad                     Resolved outflow scaling relations in low-z galaxies reveal possible jet-mode feedback in accreting AGN    997

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